Aftercare advice

This advice will help keep your nails healthy.



Gel Manicures will last approximately 2- 3 weeks, depending on individual circumstances.


Please do…

* Use a moisturiser regularly to keep your skin soft, supple and free from cracks.

*Apply a cuticle oil to your nails and the skin surrounding it.

* This area can be prone to hangnails and dry or hard skin, a cuticle oil will prevent this. It also helps stop your cuticles from sticking to your nail plate keeping your Gel or enhancements on your nail for longer without lifting off.

*Book in to have your Gel or enhancements removed.

* Please ring or visit us if you have any concerns.


Please don’t…

* Use your beautifully manicured nails as tools.

Be especially careful with ring pulls, picking tough stickers off things and other household tasks.

* Pick or bite at your nails or the skin around your nails.

* File your nails after Gel application.

* Expose your skin to harsh chemicals and dishwater.

Treat yourself to some gloves to wear whenever you’re washing, cleaning or using harsh chemicals.


Use caution…

* If you use fake tan, love curries, smoke or dye your hair at home, the colourants they contain can discolour your nails.